The Formula


Life lessons from a 20-year veteran of the property industry and the thousands of clients he has worked with. Find out what properties you should stay away from and why, how you can buy a property with no cash deposit and when to sell. This book offers vital information to guide you through your property investing journey whether you are a first time or experienced investor.



Most property investment books have a major flaw: their strategies only work for certain people with a certain amount of money or time available. The Formula to Successful Property Investing flips this on its head by using YOUR personal situation – no matter what it is – as the starting point for building a strong property portfolio. Whether you are buying your first property or number 10, The Formula to Successful Property Investing will show you how to create wealth to live the life you want. The Formula to Successful Property Investing is the second book for property investors by Michael Sloan. This book captures a lifetime of professional experience and passion for real estate that has seen Michael achieve success as a qualified financial planner, mortgage broker, licensed real estate agent and investment property expert. As the founder of The Successful Investor, a property advisory firm with clients across Australia, he practices what he preaches. Not bad for someone who left school at 15 and started his career as a painter and decorator.


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